vineri, 24 iulie 2009

Update DVP3360_12

Last, I hope....

* fix line 7 cut
* Add GoTo (Time Search) function....

joi, 23 iulie 2009

Update DVP3360_12

I find a solution to fix problems with subtitles. It's a 3 steps solution...
In new version I change font for OSD and filebrowser, add extension for files, up to 46 char. in filebrowser.
Also better wordwrap and reformat.
Add Romanian language for DVD.
Go to my site and follow instructions for upgradate.

joi, 9 iulie 2009

Philips DVP3350K_55


* Hasta 20 caracteres en el filebrowser :x
* Hasta 20 caracteres para los tags mp3
* Nueva fuente para filebrowser y tags mp3
* Cinco fuentes para subtítulos (Standard, Small, Medium, Basic y Large)
* Nueva posición para los subtítulos (parcheado área y posición de subtítulos).
* Subtítulos blancos o amarillos con borde negro y fondo transparente (dos versiones).
* Corregido el bug de 1 seg. en subtítulos srt
* Autocarga de subtítulos :P
* GoTo (Time Search). Presiona dos veces la tecla "Title/Back" e ingresa h:mm:ss para saltar al tiempo ingresado :P
* Mejor wordwrap y reformat. :oops:



vineri, 3 iulie 2009

Philips DVP3360_12

Thanks to alcio85 for testing.

In conclusion:
* new look in filebrowser, up to 40 char (CD/DVD and USB!).
* up to 40 char in directory line.
* fix "srt 1 sec. bug"
* patch subtitle area and position
* subtitles with white text and black outline.
* 4 fonts for subtitles (Standard, Small, Medium and Large).
* Autoload subtitles
* MP3 tags are disable (need space in filebrowser).
* Jpeg preview in background, without "info".

Version for CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254 (CP = Code Page)

For CP 1252 a version with subtitles in a higher position (up 16 px).