duminică, 28 octombrie 2012

Firmware iconBIT XDS1003D v10.1.1.r9532 vb6 v1

Compared to the original firmware I added services HDD Links (mini). HDD Links is especially for Romanian users. Mini version is intended for users of another language. With these services you can access online movies and serials, music videos, live TV or a section for adults. Installation (or update) is very simple. From the menu "Premium App", last icon (System Tools), "Install / Update HDD Links (mini) ". Adult section default password is 1325. To change it, enter a wrong password. DOWNLOAD: XDS1003D_v10.1.1.r9532_vb6_v1.rar

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Dan Ste spunea...

Puteti posta un link spre MTKReMaker_ExtraBlock sau/si
MTK vb6 Tool?
Cele din website nu functioneaza...