miercuri, 17 martie 2010

Philips DVP3380_12

* autoload subtitles
* GoTo (Time search). Press Title/Back two times and enter h:mm:ss to jump
* New position for subtitles
* Subtitles are white, black outline and transparent background.
* 4 fonts for subtitles (Standard, Small, Medium and Large).
* fix "1 sec. srt bug".

For Code Page 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254.



9 comentarii:

Gabor spunea...

I have upgraded successfully my dvp3380-12 with this fw and it is working properly.
Do you plan to implement other features like movable subs, etc?

Thank you very much,
ogabo, HU

MixMan spunea...

Is this firmware compatible with the 3380/58 player?

waza123 spunea...

Is there a way to add .mkv file support ?

waza123 spunea...

I have DVP3380/58 , it's the same ?

.mkv file support will be the best! Because all trackers have this file format.

Sepol Om spunea...

Um português que nunca vai conseguir agradecer o teu fantástico trabalho.
Obrigado e que sejas sempre feliz.

A Portuguese who never get to thank your fantastic work.

Thank you and you to be always happy.

Iztok spunea...

I this firmware compatible with 3380/58 player?

Regards mate, and keep up the good work!!

hrki spunea...

Is this firmware compatible with the 3380/58 player?

MixMan spunea...

For all asking - I tried this firmware on my 3380/58, bought from Bulgaria.

It works like a charm!

Thanks for the great work.

Bags spunea...

Is it possible to make a firmware for 3380_12 like the DVP5990_12_vb6_v7_5 with improved file browser and better/faster picture show speed?
Thanks ... Great Work!