luni, 26 aprilie 2010

Philips DVP5992_12

New model from Philips
Attention ! It's not compatible with old 5990_12

* fix "1 sec. srt bug"
* 4 fonts for subtitle (standard, small, medium and large).
* New size/position for subtitles.
* Subtitles are white, black outline and transparent background.
* Autoload subtitles.




4 comentarii:

Robert spunea...

Nice. I wonder if this firmware would brick my DVP5992/37.

I have been using your DVP5990_37 February 2009 update in it and that works beautifully. Thank you for sharing your amazing work.

b1040174 spunea...

Hi vb6rocod, and thanks a lot for your firmwares! I just bought a 5992_12 and the first thing I will do is to use your firmware.
Hope soon 5992 fw will have the same features as 5960 one...for example goto, resume for avi, vertical sub positions...I'd be glad to test it!

mitch1056 spunea...

Hello, Great work on the 5990 model, I have one, you made it Soooo easy to read the files listed in the menus now. I went and bought a HOME THEATER SYSTEM from Philips, a HTS3544. It has the same lay-out as the other Divx/USB menu type of players. can't read the movie listing.
If you have some time can you change that 3544 menus to look as the 5990's do etc.. You spoiled us all with your DVP models and now we need help with the other HTS models.
Please, If you find the time, change me to the new menu styles too.

sad4goto5992 spunea...

Please...couldn't you add goto to 5992/12 firmware? It's one of the last player without it...