vineri, 14 august 2009

Update DVP3260/3254K

New version
# Volume stored and restored on power off/on
# FIX Color Bug for version "I"

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telmo spunea...

Hi, I'm Desperating, please I really need your help. I have a DVP3260K, and my firmware was the 3260KI_98, i downloaded one of your version than i rename it and did the update, but now dvd is not giving me image not even reading the cd, what can I do ?

Numa spunea...


I had tried your firmware and it fix a lot of things. thanks!.

However I still have problems to play large video files from USB devices.

I got the 6.1 for the 3254K.

Can you please tell me if there is a solution for this?.

thanks in advance!.

Numa Torres