miercuri, 12 august 2009

Update DVP5990/37/55/75

Update 5990/37(F7), 5990K/55(75)
* New OSD font
* Volume stored and restored on power down and up! :blum: :blum:


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AstrAir spunea...

I have the /12
Is it safe to update using one of the provided files ?

vb6rocod spunea...

No, use one from here:

Miguel spunea...

Mr vb6rocod:

Can you tell me the benefits and new features of your firmware? I did not locate any text related to that in your post.

Miguel spunea...

How the subtitle sync that your are working is going??

alex spunea...

Could you please make CP1251 version of DVP5990/37 v4_1 ?

Wah spunea...

Could you confirm this works on /F7? I have model made in August 2009.

Wah spunea...

Update: Just thought I'd say that I applied the newest 4.1 firmware, along with a modified different skin, to my DVP5990/F7 (manufactured in Aug 2009) and it worked flawlessly! I even made a multisession CD with the CD-R I used to upgrade the firmware so I can reuse the same CD in the future should I want to update the firmware again.

James spunea...

This links does not download anything, neither using IE or Firefox! Maybe there is a problem with RapidShare or you remove the downloads for 5990K?

James spunea...

Sorry, I think it was a problema at my connection. I already downloaded it. A excellent new firmware, my only suggestion is that you recalibrate the positioning of subtitles to make it near to the bottom of the screen. Position 16 is still one or two lines above the best position it could be. One or two (best) lines below would be great!!

cuz I can? spunea...

Will this work correctly on 5992 /37?

John spunea...

Is there firmware for the 5992/37?

Anonim spunea...

@ James spunea...

Try Jdownloader ;) as skipscreen is malware (surfcanyon)

Anonim spunea...

Where may I find the latest your firmware for the

5992 / 37


Anonim spunea...

The 5992/37 should be identical to the 5990/37 except for cosmetics (one is black, one is silver).

I've been using the February 2009 5990/37 firmware for the last year or so
...in my 5992/37. Totally worth it, if you're using the stock firmware now.

I'm tempted to try this one now. However, vb6 was listing all updates to 5990/37 here:
and does not list this one as an update, so I can see why there is some question.

Anonim spunea...

This is running great on the 5992/37.

Fonts are a little more legible than the previous version. Volume right on the Philips remote is nice.

His site is clearer:

cuz I can? spunea...

@ Robert


"The 5992/37 should be identical to the 5990/37 except for cosmetics"


5990 USB is MUCH slower than 5992 USB

5990/37 = USB 1
5992/37 = USB 2

Unknown spunea...

Could you please make CP1251 version of DVP5990/37 v4_1 ?