duminică, 16 august 2009

Update DVP5990_12

New design
* New logo
* New file browser
* New icons
* One mp3 TAG display near file index.
* Volume stored and restored on power off/on
* New menu for transparent background, work only when background is non transparent

For CP (Code Page) 1250,1251,1252,1253,1254


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Chiller spunea...

Man, you are great! Excellent work ! Can you upload DVP5990_12_vb6_v7_5.rar with other wallpapers (divx, vista logo) ? Or maybe some new wallpapers?

RDrg spunea...

Super! Thanks alot!!!

James spunea...

Does not work with DVP5990-55, am I right?

Alex spunea...

Ok this is just a fucking logistical nightmare, the first question: Can i burn onto a dvd-rom,
second, there were two files in zip: AddVolume_599x.exe and DVP5990_12.bin, i burned just the bin and it didn't recognize the dvd-rom?, can i get precise instruction on how to burn on to a dvd-rom? Iam only interested in subtitle font increase!

Bill Lyons spunea...

Hello Alex,

I did the same stupid thing. You must burn the .bin file onto the CD-ROM using Mode : 2/XA. If you don't do this the .bin file will not be in the right format. If you want the extra volume level hack, run the .exe file on your PC and point to the .bin. Then burn the modified .bin to a CD using Mode : 2/XA. -- Hope this helps.

Antonio spunea...

Hi, I have 2 HDD WD, one is 250 GB, and it works perfect, I can access to files and play movies o music, but When I try to access the files from my HDD 500 GB WD, it does not shows anything!! it is because of firmware?

I comment spunea...

working on 5992 / 37 North American

1 TB external USB hard drive working (Seagate)

Instructions simple for a child to follow.

Thank you.

any plans to offer ability to add SHORT loop "moving mpeg" as background image instead of static image?


@ Alex

Learn some manners before writing again.

Spam spunea...

Hi, can someone please explane what this code page is? I don't understand if I can use this firmware on my player? I have a DVP5990....


I comment spunea...

the code page is specific to your region. I bet bing has the answer you need

Tha One spunea...

Hi, thx for your reply. Today I will recieve the dvd player so I have to see what version it is. I think it will be the 5990/12....I live in the Netherlands so than I have to use CP1252? Right?


Sepol Om spunea...

Mais uma vez o meu melhor agradecimento e desejos de felicidades para todos os teus.
Again my thanks and best wishes for your happiness for all.
Thank you.

mop49100 spunea...


Could you re-up your firmware update?

http://rapidshare.de/files/48134512/DVP5990_12_vb6_v7_5.rar.html is down...

Thank you!