luni, 26 ianuarie 2009

Update (2) 5990_12

Last update:
* Selectionbar follows playing file (mp3). The blue bar sets the current playing file, and yellow bar shows the selectable files. When a current playing file is on the next page of filebrowser, the user can't see it because the yellow bar still remains on the previous page. Now with this patch, moving filebrowser to the next page when blue bar also moves.
* New font for filebrowser (except 1252)
Version for CP 1250,1251,1252,1253 and 1254 (CP = Code Page)
All versions are with or whitout volume on "Repeat" keys.





For more see all features HERE....

Future plans:
* Unlocking DTS
* Subtitle sync (like Lipsync)
* Random mp3....

6 comentarii:

Shelter spunea...

Its not working, it blocked my divx player.

wk spunea...

Do i understand correctly that this FW is working on Philips DVP5996K too?

And other question/suggestion: it is possible to make your FW support UTF-8 subtitles?

Thank You!

masterpuskyn spunea...

It's working for me :)
Thank you vb6rocod

kb2 spunea...

the version DivX/No volume/1250 is working great here. Thank you!
I have a few improvement ideas. I don't know, if they are feasible, but here they are:
- I am looking for 10 seconds back command. It's great when I don't understand something in a movie. For DivX movies it could be located on down arrow button.
- related: when scrolling back, instead of 2x speed it goes very quickly for DivX movies, probably at maximum speed. Could this be corrected?
- Could you improve the jpg picture slideshow? I am missing the option to manually advance pictures. Also, the slow drawing of pictures is horrible. Instead, it would be better to read them in background and display when ready.
Thank you.

Gaspode spunea...

Thank you for the firmware. Is there any FW-tutorial (english) for interested people to change the skin or try other improvements?

The files in file browser seem to be sorted by date/time. I would expect a sorting by filenames... (or did I miss to set an option in the setup?)

basn spunea...

Great work! Thank you very much! I hope random reading will come soon, i miss this very much.