sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009

UPDATE 5990_12


* 8 lines in filebrowser
* Jpeg preview in "background"
* No MP3 TAG (no space)
* New skin
* Partial fix volume level. Volume is not changed when switch disk, etc. Not stored on power on/off.
* Partial remove UOP (User operation prohibition)

Version for CP 1250,1251,1252,1253,1254.


and with volume +- on Repeat keys

Read about all features here

3 comentarii:

Andi spunea...

Se poate modifica firmwareul de la DVP3980 pt a putea fi vizualizate si subtitrarile care nu au acelasi nume cu fisierul avi?

redburner spunea...

hey im trying to install your firmware.. i unrar the files but all i get is 5 folders with .bin files in them... what do i do?? the bin files cant be opened
Please let me know
thanks alot!

Mohsen spunea...

Cool!! thanks a lot dude. This is way better than the original firmware.

1. Isn't it possible to make the volume work with the +-Volume button on the remote control? Why did you set it up on repeat keys?
2. The input of my speakers were connected to the L/R audio output and it worked well with the original firmware although the TV was connected by the HDMI cable. But with this new firmware this setup doesn't work. Is there any kinda solution?

Thanks again