sâmbătă, 3 ianuarie 2009

UPDATE 3254KI_55(V2)

* Add new option for text color, background color and outline color. (15x15x15 options)
* Add "Load matching subtitle, if not found, load all (max. 10). New menu have 3 option:
- Load ORG Then all
- Load all
- Load only matching subtitles
* Vertical position of subtitles with 16 steps.
* All "avi" menu are in "General Page" (font, color, vertical position and "Load ORG")

Also a BUG: Subtitles color are changing when exit setup while watch a movie

SEE More here

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Amit spunea...

Hi Happy new year!!
I need FW for philips dvp 3166/94.Wud be grateful.....if u can provide me fw for this model