joi, 29 ianuarie 2009

Update 5996K_51


Based on version DVP5996K_51_vb6_v2_3, with "Load ORG Then all".

* 8 lines in filebrowser
* Selectionbar follows playing file (mp3). The blue bar sets the current playing file, and yellow bar shows the selectable files. When a current playing file is on the next page of filebrowser, the user can't see it because the yellow bar still remains on the previous page. Now with this patch, moving filebrowser to the next page when blue bar also moves.
* Fix OSD Font
* Volume level is not changed when start a movie or change disk.



Read more about all feature HERE

Un comentariu:

MKbis spunea...

thanks for your hard work!
is it possible to have a final update for the 5980S firmware, including diffent logos and maybe "Full support for unicode" and "Partial remove UOP"??
only if you have time and if you feel like doing it.

Regards from Italy :D!