sâmbătă, 24 ianuarie 2009

Update 5990_37


* 8 lines in filebrowser
* Jpeg preview in "background"
* No MP3 TAG (no space)
* New skin
* Partial fix volume level. Volume is not changed when switch disk, etc. Not stored on power on/off.
* Partial remove UOP (User operation prohibition)

Version with and without volume on repeat keys:

For CP 1250, 1251, 1253 and 1254 (CP = Code Page)

And with volume on repeat keys.

See all feature HERE

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Arun spunea...
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Arun spunea...

Sorry, I deleted my first msg by mistake.

Thanks for the wonderful blog, and the excellent work.

I bought a new DVD player today, DVP 3256. Is it possible for you to modify the firmware for this player?


Main problem is with Divx subtitles, they appear almost in the middle of the screen, and is wrapped inside a semi-transparent goo! And it is sometimes too large, also. Any help would be great. Thanks again,

Arun K (loves.pudding@gmail.com)