duminică, 1 februarie 2009

Update 3980_12


* Load ORG Then All (load matching subtitle, if not found, load all - first 10).
* Vertical position for subtitles with 16 steps.
* Option for subtitle color (text, background and outline).
* Add wmv support (I use RISC from 5990)
* Move DVD Quick Play to "Preference Page"
* All "avi" menu in "General Page"

Version for CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254 (CP = Code Page)


Go HERE to see all previous feature

5 comentarii:

Andi spunea...

It's fantastic!
Thank you very much !!!

Taurus spunea...

n will there be a version for 3980_55? wmv support would be awesome!

StrayChild spunea...

I do agree, having WMV on the 3980K/55 would make it awesome.

Thanks a lot for it.

Ivan spunea...

hi i wrote from italy, please can i upgrade my philips 3980 with your mo ?
my menu hava grammatical error... and the divx title have few caratters..

nico1659 spunea...

cu scuzele de rigoare dar n..o nu gaseste DVP3980_12.bin, am downlod-at dezarhivat, setat n..o in prealabil. aceasta este ultima, v22? daca se poate un indrumar, un link, banuiesc cat sunteti de aglomerat, asaca imi cer scuze si in acelas timp multumiri, (nico1659@yahoo.com)