luni, 16 februarie 2009

Update 3260(I)_12

Update 3260(I)_12

What's new:

* 8 lines in file browser rolleyes.gif . No arrows, use file index 00x/abc for position in folder.
* max. 48 char from USB rolleyes.gif . Thanks to Tentakulokans
* Jpeg preview in background.
* No more mp3 tag's displayed.
* Fast slideshow transition.
* For 3260I_12, without color for subtitle. No more "COLOR BUG", when "exit setup".

Version for CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254 (CP= Code page)



See all features HERE

3 comentarii:

Kadrija spunea...

Excellent job vb6rocod!
Greetings from Serbia!
Thank you

Jets spunea...

"max. 48 char from USB." May i ask you if it could be add to the 5980S firmware??

Same, for the 5980s the Alphabetic order is a big problem, can we do something ??

Thanks for your work !

Gabba spunea...

can i update back to original philips firmware if i dont like yours?