luni, 16 februarie 2009

Update 3254K(I)


To avoid any confusion (USB fix, v2 vs v4) I decide to name this release v5.

What's new:
* 8 lines in file browser :lol: . No arrows, use file index 00x/abc for position in folder.
* Max. 48 characters from USB :thumbsup:
* Jpeg preview in background
* No more mp3 tags displayed.
* Slideshow transition is set to very fast.
* 16 levels for vertical subtitles
* Load matching subtitle, if not found, load all (max. 10), with menu (3 option).
* :!: For 3254KI, two version:
    **with color for subtitle (text, background and outline) but with "color bug" - when exit setup while watch a movie, subtitle color is changed.
    **without color for subtitle, two versions, with white and yellow subtitle, without "color bug"


DVP3254KI_55_vb6_v5_color.rar with "color bug"
DVP3254KI_55_vb6_v5_no_color.rar without "color bug", with white and yellow subtitle

See all features HERE

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Plinio spunea...

Where I can download these firmwares? Rapidshare informs that files not found there...

MACHO spunea...

I need toooo, plz !