joi, 12 februarie 2009

Update 5990_12

Thanks to Tentakulokans , I make a new version:

* fix "remaining dots on directory line"
* max. 48 char from USB. w00t.gif
* Slideshow transition is set to fasted possible.
* Move jpeg preview in a lower position
* If you want Volume + - on Repeat Keys, run AddVolume_599x.exe.Click on "Open DVP599xx.bin" and select firmware file.

For CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254
and with CD, DivX, Vista and Philips LOGO.



See all features HERE

8 comentarii:

MKbis spunea...

Wow, "max. 48 char from USB." it's a wonderful feature. May i ask you if it could be add to the 5980S firmware??

Thx for your work ;D

Paco spunea...

Thank you very much. You are great.

pm spunea...

Hello, is frozing during start corrected? This would be much more useful feature, than 48 characters in list...

Contantin spunea...


is the Engine of the Philips CTS4000 the same as the Philips DVP 5990?
Same firmwareupdate?


İskenderiye Feneri spunea...

Please mkv support mkv support mkv support mkv support mkv support mkv support mkv supportmkv support mkv support mkv support mkv support mkv support

Karel spunea...

I would like to try this frmware, but unfortunately the link on is not valid. I need version DVP5990_12_vb6_v7_2_1250.rar . Thank for a new link

seba41 spunea...

I want download one of your file: DVP5990_12_vb6_v7_2_1250.rar but it doesn't work. Can you help me?

coyote spunea...

The rapdshare links don't work. Please re-upload as I'd love to get this Update!