vineri, 20 februarie 2009

Update 5980S_12

News from previous version v_4_5

* RISC from 5990_12
* 8 lines in file browser coolspeak.gif
* No MP3 TAG (no space)
* max. 48 char from USB coolspeak.gif
* Jpeg preview in background
* full UnicodToCp (ISO+Joliet and USB). coolspeak.gif
* Slideshow transition is set to very fast.
* Partial remove UOP (User operation prohibition)
* DivX Logo


For CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254 (CP=Code Page)

See all features HERE

2 comentarii:

Jets spunea...


I have tested the last firmware (5980S v5) and everything seems to work. Otherwise, it is absolutly sure that files are not sorted in alphabetic order (they are perhaps sorted by date, or by hours... I don't know). Is it possilbe to sort files by alphabetic order with this firmware (or is it possible to do some modification to have this), please?

Thanks for your great work !!

Best regards.

vb6rocod spunea...

Use a program like DriveSort (or FolderSort). It's free, search on net.