miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

Update(2) 3260(I)_12


* Remove bad "wordwrap" and add wordwrap + reformat. coolspeak.gif It's better now, not perfect..
* Fix subtitle "center" position for I version.
* If you want to use "ssa", "smi" or vobsub (sub/idx) subtitle I add ARM without patch "Load ORG Than All". Replace ARM in MTKRemaker, save. Than run my tool "MTKRemaker_3260_patch.exe". Open DVP3260(I)_12.bin (press button) and ... ready.



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Kris spunea...

Excellent stuff. Perhaps you could add one important feature, that is to prevent auto dvd play when you turn on the player. If you have DVD loaded it automatically starts playing when you turn on player, and you have to stop it each time to switch to USB. It would be a cool function to choose between USB / DVD or NO autoload feature.