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Philips DVP3260

I will try to explain what's new in my firmware.

My mod firmware have to base second release from Philips (with USB fix), from
September 2008.

V51: Fix DivX file USB playback crash issues seen during end of playback

There are two version of this player 3260 with Sony DVD and
3260I with Samsung DVD unit.

So, what's new:
- New skins for logo and filebrowser
- Max. 64 characters for file name from CD/DVD, max. 25 from USB
- 2 mp3 tag in a new position.
- 4 fonts for subtitles
- option to change color and position for subtitle.
- All new menu for mpeg4 are in "General Page".
- GoTo. Press "Title" twice and enter "h:mm:ss" to jump to time for "avi" files.
- fix "1 sec. srt bug".
- "Load original subtitle, if not found, load all (max.10)".


For DVP3260 I make two version, with and without "Load ORG then all". Use version without "Load ORG" only if you use Vosub subtitles (sub/idx), in this case if you have more than one movie and more than one subtitles (sub/idx), in version with "Load ORG", only first subtitle is loading.

For DVP3260I only version with "Load ORG".

I make for both players version for all usual CP (code page), 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254.

CP 1250 (Central European and Eastern European) - Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Romanian and Albanian.

CP 1251 (languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet)

CP 1252 (West European)

CP 1253 - Greek

CP 1254 - Turkish

Now about upgrade:
First, before upgrade, set OSD Language to english.
Open tray and press "55" to see what player do you have. You will see on screen DVD3260_12.bin or DVP3260I_12.bin. Choose correct version (I or not) and code page for your language.

Prepare file for upgrade:
Burning Upgrade on CD-R / CD-RW
1. Extract the files by unzipping the rar file. Do not rename the extracted files.
2. Write the extracted files – not the rar file – onto a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc,
using the following settings:

- File System: ISO 9660 + Joliet
- File name length : max11 chars = 8+3 (Level 1)
- Mode : 2/XA
- Character set : ISO 9660 (ISO normal CD-ROM)
- No Multi Session
- Write Speed : Low
- Recording Method: Track At Once
Note: The extracted files should not be placed in a folder on the disc but just in the top level directory

3. Finalize the disc. (The application may do this automatically.)

Apply Upgrade to your DVD Player

1. Power on the set and put in the disc.
2. A message will be displayed on the OSD after the upgrade file is recognized.
3. Follow the instruction displayed on the TV Screen – Press “OK” to upgrade (if applicable)
4. After reading the file, the disc will be ejected.
5. Remove the disc after ejected, but DO NOT close the tray
6. Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the software to be upgraded
7. The set will restart itself once the upgrade is completed.
8. Upon wake up, please perform a “Default reset” in the Preference page under setup menu

Caution: Do not unplug or power off the set while upgrading in progress.

Upgrading the firmware of your DVD Player (USB)
Important: Remove any discs from the tray before USB device is inserted.
1. Extract the firmware upgrade files from the RAR archive
2. Unzip the files and place the files on a USB flash storage device (at least 64Mb in size).
3. Turn the DVD Player on and when it is running, insert the USB flash storage device.
4. Press 'USB' on the remote control
5. A dialogue will now appear - follow the instructions to update the software of your DVD Player.
6. When player open tray, wait 2 or 3 second and remove stick from USB but DO NOT CLOSE TRAY.
Note: Please make sure you delete the upgrade file from the USB device before using it on the player again. This will prevent
the player from performing the upgrade again.

Wait until player close tray and display new logo.
Enter "Setup" and from "Preference Page" perform a “Default reset”.
From "General Page" change font, color and position for subtitle.

Knows bugs
For 3260, on some custom DVD's, from time to time subtitles are "dirty".
For 3260I, if you enter setup when watch a "avi" movie, subtitles get some "strange" color.




* 8 lines in filebrowser
* 48 char. from USB....

See more HERE


* new wordwrap + reformat...

See more HERE

See more HERE

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Plankton spunea...

YOU ARE GOD!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Kadrija spunea...

Could you please add the same modifications to 3260 firmware as you did for 5990?
Thank you

Kris spunea...

I second that request :)

guly94 spunea...

hi vb6rod. it seem your work (for free too) is really appreciated, thank you. im having some problem with the .bin files you created. i cannot burn or open them as an archive. it seem they're cotrupted. may be you can provide some other direct link (different from rapidshare)? thanks a lot.

Γιώργος spunea...

hi vb6rod. Firmware for 3260 works like a charm with Lost greek subs. The problem begins when I try to run the same subtitles on a 3260(I) dvd player. All I see is strange non sense letters. I used the latest updates (firmware: DVP3260I_12_vb6_v5_1.rar) as well as all the previous ones for the (I) version.

giorgos spunea...

I'm so terribly sorry vb6rod! I didn' check the divx settings for subtitles...I'm so hasty

10000+ for your work again

Michał spunea...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Saskia spunea...

Thank you so much! I especially love the 'goto' for avi-files because the ff is sooooo slow, even at 32x, ugh.

So now I can quickly skip to wherever I want. Skin looks very nice as well.

Saskia spunea...
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Eliaz Nässén spunea...

Hi! The power in the house disappered when i was installing the firmware, so the installation was just abborted. Now when i start the player, the whole screen is just pink. How can i fix this? I really appreciate some help man!

Marco spunea...

Hi, i'm writing because I need help to solve an issue with my DVP3260/12 (I have the "I" version).
It happened that during a film the image on the TV screen began to be noisy, something like a codec problem. Then I tried another movie, one that i've already seen on this player .. so DivX cannot be played anymore, just sound. Time counter stay on 0:00:00, is not possible to go forward or backward. Trying to upgrade to newer official or to your firmware version the problem remains.
Did you experienced this problem? I'm thinking to return back the product to the seller.

ZipDisk spunea...

Do you have update firmware for the DVP3252_75 this Blog site does not list this model..

I have V5.2

Martin spunea...
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tiethel spunea...

I tried to update my dvd player but I didn't know what I shouldn't do. I did close the tray when it oppened. and now şts not responidng whatever I tried. ıt says on but I cant see it on tv. it is plugged correctly. you see after my huge mistake its not responding at all. do you have any idea what I should do? if you can help me thank you.

Pedro spunea...

Nu stii nimic deci despre playul unei copii dvd pe stick ? Tie iti face play la fiesierele video din folderele video_TS ?

cab spunea...

please vb6rocod where i can find your firmware it is disappeared from the web!!! Help me

TPunkt spunea...

and the other files are not available.

Can you Re-Upload or mail it to me? You or I can upload to my Upload-Center: ulc.sudhop.com.

bencaty41 spunea...

when i start the player, the whole screen is just pink. How can i fix this?
mac dvd files to mov

hank.wong spunea...

It seems great, I want to have a try.
keylogger free

basukyo spunea...

need firmware update DVP3620. thx