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Philips DVP5990

This is probably the best player with last generation of MTK chip.

So, what's new in my mod firmware:
- New skins for logo and filebrowser
- Filebrowser with scrollbars, font with outline, new icons
- max. 64 char. for file name from CD/DVD, 25 for USB.
- 3 MP3 TAG and jpeg preview in a new position.
- 4 fonts for subtile.
- autoload subtitles
- GoTo. Press "Title" twice and enter "h:mm:ss" to jump to time for "avi" files.
- Option to change colors for subtitles (text, outline or background). For "Dark Grey" option for background, this is "semi-transparent".
- 16 level for vertical position of subtitles (first 10 with 4px/step, last with 6px/step).
- "Load Original subtitles, if not found, load all".
- fix "1 sec. srt bug"
- Wordwrap and reformat.
- Volume (+ -) on Repeat keys.Volome level is not stored.
- DVD Quick Play. Menu is DVD-Video, with option "With menu" and "Without Menu". When second is selected, skip DVD menu and play main movie.
- All mpeg4 menu are in "General Page". Can make change when movie play.
- Full support for unicod (ISO+ Joliet and USB) for all CP. (Thanks to shoora)

I make version for all usual CP (code page), 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254.

CP 1250 (Central European and Eastern European) - Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Romanian and Albanian.

CP 1251 (languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet)

CP 1252 (West European)

CP 1253 - Greek

CP 1254 - Turkish

Now about upgrade:

Prepare file for upgrade:
burning Upgrade on CD-R / CD-RW
1. Extract the files by unzipping the rar file. Do not rename the extracted files.
2. Write the extracted files – not the rar file – onto a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc,
using the following settings:

- File System: ISO 9660 + Joliet
- File name length : max11 chars = 8+3 (Level 1)
- Mode : 2/XA
- Character set : ISO 9660 (ISO normal CD-ROM)
- No Multi Session
- Write Speed : Low
- Recording Method: Track At Once
Note: The extracted files should not be placed in a folder on the disc but just in the top level directory (root).
3. Finalize the disc. (The application may do this automatically.)

Apply Upgrade to your DVD Player

1. Power on the set and put in the disc.
2. A message will be displayed on the OSD after the upgrade file is recognized.
3. Follow the instruction displayed on the TV Screen – Press “OK” to upgrade (if applicable)
4. After reading the file, the disc will be ejected.
5. Remove the disc after ejected, but DO NOT close the tray
6. Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the software to be upgraded
7. The set will restart itself once the upgrade is completed.
8. Upon wake up, please perform a “Default reset” in the Preference page under setup menu

Caution: Do not unplug or power off the set while upgrading in progress.

Upgrading the firmware of your DVD Player (USB)
Important: Remove any discs from the tray before USB device is inserted.
1. Extract the firmware upgrade files from the RAR archive
2. Unzip the files and place the files on a USB flash storage device (at least 64Mb in size).
3. Turn the DVD Player on and when it is running, insert the USB flash storage device.
4. Press 'USB' on the remote control
5. A dialogue will now appear - follow the instructions to update the software of your DVD Player.
6. When player open tray, wait 2 or 3 second and remove stick from USB but DO NOT CLOSE TRAY.
Note: Please make sure you delete the upgrade file from the USB device before using it on the player again. This will prevent the player from performing the upgrade again.

Wait until player close tray and display new logo.
Enter "Setup" and from "Preference Page" perform a “Default reset”.
From "General Page" change font, color and position for subtitle.

or DVP5990_12_vb6_v6_1.rar

... 8 lines in filebrowser
See more HERE....

...Selectionbar follows playing file (mp3).
See more HERE

...48 char from USB....
See more HERE

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Alain spunea...

Thanks a lot for the firmware. I just bought this player (which is a lot better than all my previous Divx players) and installed your fw immediately via usb, without any problem. I particularly appreciate the DVD quick start (some of those menus are so annoying that seem designed to prevent you from watching the film), subtitle support, and long filenames. This definitely beats the original fw. Keep on the good work.

Cristian spunea...

nice job!

but can I apply this patch to 5990/37, or only to 5990/12?

pm spunea...

Superb firmware, excelent subtitles: thank you. One small problem: sometimes my DVDplayer do not start - I press PowerON, on display title "Philips" appears, and then nothing... I have to unplug player from 240V and plug again. This is approx. 1 of 10 starts, so quite often... Is this my specific problem, or problem of this firmware?

And: colors of subtitles: some combinations are useless (pink on cyan...), come colors I miss. Yellow titles are better, than white, but too saturated - may be some light yellow?

Hedda spunea...

A big Thanks from me too.
But I have also a proplem. When playing vob files from my external harddrive, the subtitles are supposedly white with white outline, so thick I can't read them at all.
Changing the colors doesn't work...
Any suggestions?

Gabriel spunea...

Amazing job!! Sa traiesti o mie de ani:)

StephenC spunea...

Hi there
Any chance you can update the supported CODECs? Of course it won't play .MOV files - I imagine it would be hard to add in support of it without paying Apple somehow - but what about Matroska (.MKV) format and others that are out there?

majklman spunea...

I want to ask you for help. Could you please write me details how to re life my dead DVP 5990/12. I had bad firmware and my DV player is dead. If you can give me detailed instructions, I will appreciate it and you will save my life. Thanks a lot

Matteo Manta spunea...

long movie title displayed and "go-to", very useful functions!
regards from italy
ciao, Matteo

Ygor Almeida spunea...

Hi Man,

I've just loved your FirmWare on DVP5990 - but i want to report a problem.

I don't really known if it's my DVD fault or firmware related problem.

But, on USB most of the files fails and hang's up the DVD. Just on USB, i've put the lastest one.

I'll try to reproduce the erros i've got on original firmware and with all the situations.

Thanks a lot.

Keep up the great work.

Fuel74 spunea...

BIG problem. In a middle of the upgrading, the power went out, and now my dvd is dead. It only says PHILIPS on the dysplay and it doesnt react to anything. Help anyone, PLEASE

knauerbr spunea...

Thanks for your Philips DVP5990 37_vb6_v32 firmware. It's a pleasure to be able to read full file names. Also, thanks for removing the transition effect in jpg slide-shows. If you are still developing the firmware, I would appreciate the ability to select the dwell time (say, 2, 5, 10, or 20 seconds) of jpg images in a slide-show.

İskenderiye Feneri spunea...

you do marvelous job. is it a chance to have mkv support for 5990/12.. would be graet

Godey spunea...

Hi I think I had a bad luck with this. My dvd player is screwed up it now only shows a blue screen with philips. I followed the instructions but where it says to follow the prompts. It never asked for any prompts but just said updating. The tray opened and after some seconds I pulled the USB out. Nothing works afterward even power on/off. I have owned it for some months now.... Help please!!!

dmkc1207 spunea...

excellent firmware...had to adjust subtitle position & colors to liking, but easy to use & a HUGE improvement...thanks a lot!!

cere spunea...

If i introduce a DVD movie without menus and with many subtitles, you can not change the subtitle. The key subtitle of remote control don't work.

Clicking on remote control the information appears on TV like "1 / 3 - english", "2 / 3 - Spanish", "3 / 3 - Portuguese", but the language of the subtitle is always the first.
I've tried with others DVD players and works fine.

The Philips DVP5990 works fine with divx movies and DVD movies that have menus.

I have installed the latest firmware.

Can you help me vb6rocod?


Andrzej spunea...

This firmware i very good, but could you add sorting file by filename, not by created date.

DjB® spunea...

can this be used with DVP3350K. you kinda left behind DVP3350K....

Pilot509 spunea...


Will this work on the DVP5990/05?

Will it solve the USB playback problem?

I am having problems watching recordings from my camcorder (SD card adapter which uses the USB slot) If the file size is over 700mb it will only play half way through and then stop?

Any help would be great.


Abagail neo spunea...

just find a good video converter to help to do so, such as aiseesoft video converter for mac is such a tooll which I have been using for a long time for convert avi to mov for editing and replay. just have a try at: . good luck!!