marți, 23 decembrie 2008

Philips DVP3160K_55

So, what's new in my mod firmware:
- New skins for logo and filebrowser
- Filebrowser with scrollbars, font with outline, new icons
- max. 64 char. for file name from CD/DVD, 25 for USB.
- 3 MP3 TAG and jpeg preview in a new position.
- 4 fonts for subtile.
- GoTo. Press "Title" twice and enter "h:mm:ss" to jump to time for "avi" files.
- Option to change colors for subtitles (text and background)
- Option to change vertical position of subtitles.
- "Load Original subtitles, if not found, load all".
- fix "1 sec. srt bug"
- Wordwrap and reformat.
- DVD Quick Play. Menu is DVD-Video, with option "With menu" and "Without Menu". When second is selected, skip DVD menu and play main movie.
- All mpeg4 menu are in "General Page". Can make change when movie play.

Now about upgrade:

Prepare file for upgrade: burning Upgrade on CD-R / CD-RW
1. Extract the files by unzipping the rar file. Do not rename the extracted files.
2. Write the extracted files – not the rar file – onto a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc,
using the following settings:

- File System: ISO 9660 + Joliet
- File name length : max11 chars = 8+3 (Level 1)
- Mode : 2/XA
- Character set : ISO 9660 (ISO normal CD-ROM)
- No Multi Session
- Write Speed : Low
- Recording Method: Track At Once
Note: The extracted files should not be placed in a folder on the disc but just in the top level directory (root).
3. Finalize the disc. (The application may do this automatically.)

Apply Upgrade to your DVD Player

1. Power on the set and put in the disc.
2. A message will be displayed on the OSD after the upgrade file is recognized.
3. Follow the instruction displayed on the TV Screen – Press “OK” to upgrade (if applicable)
4. After reading the file, the disc will be ejected.
5. Remove the disc after ejected, but DO NOT close the tray
6. Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the software to be upgraded
7. The set will restart itself once the upgrade is completed.
8. Upon wake up, please perform a “Default reset” in the Preference page under setup menu

Caution: Do not unplug or power off the set while upgrading in progress.
After Update
Enter "Setup" and from "Preference Page" perform a “Default reset”.
From "General Page" change font, color and position for subtitle.



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