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Philips DVP3254K_55 (75)

My mod firmware have to base second release from Philips (with USB fix), from September 2008.

Fix DivX file USB playback crash issues seen during end of playback

There are two version of this player 3254K with Sony DVD and 3254KI with Samsung DVD unit.

Common for both version:
* New skins
* New filebrowser with new icons, font with outline
* Max. 64 characters for file name from CD/DVD, max. 25 from USB
* 2 mp3 tag in a new position.
* 4 fonts for subtitles
* GoTo. Press "Title" twice and enter "h:mm:ss" to jump to time for "avi" files.
* fix "1 sec. srt bug".
Only for 3254K
- option to change color and position for subtitle.
- All new menu for mpeg4 are in "General Page".
- "Load original subtitle, if not found, load all (max.10)".
- 2 version with and without patch "Load ORG". If you use Vosub subtitle (sub/idx) and you have more than one movie in folder, player will load always first sub/idx subtitle. For this case I must remove "Load ORG Then All". I did not remove menu but in this case do nothing.If you use Vobsub subtitle use version with "No_ORG", else use "With_ORG".


Now about upgrade:
Open tray and press "55" to see what player do you have. You will see on screen DVD3254K_55.bin or DVP3254I_55.bin. Choose correct version (I or not).

Prepare file for upgrade:
Burning Upgrade on CD-R / CD-RW
1. Extract the files by unzipping the rar file. Do not rename the extracted files.
2. Write the extracted files – not the rar file – onto a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc,
using the following settings:

- File System: ISO 9660 + Joliet
- File name length : max11 chars = 8+3 (Level 1)
- Mode : 2/XA
- Character set : ISO 9660 (ISO normal CD-ROM)
- No Multi Session
- Write Speed : Low
- Recording Method: Track At Once
Note: The extracted files should not be placed in a folder on the disc but just in the top level directory (root).

3. Finalize the disc. (The application may do this automatically.)

Apply Upgrade to your DVD Player

1. Power on the set and put in the disc.
2. A message will be displayed on the OSD after the upgrade file is recognized.
3. Follow the instruction displayed on the TV Screen – Press “OK” to upgrade (if applicable)
4. After reading the file, the disc will be ejected.
5. Remove the disc after ejected, but DO NOT close the tray
6. Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the software to be upgraded
7. The set will restart itself once the upgrade is completed.
8. Upon wake up, please perform a “Default reset” in the Preference page under setup menu

Caution: Do not unplug or power off the set while upgrading in progress.

Upgrading the firmware of your DVD Player (USB)
Important: Remove any discs from the tray before USB device is inserted.
1. Extract the firmware upgrade files from the RAR archive
2. Unzip the files and place the files on a USB flash storage device (at least 64Mb in size).
3. Turn the DVD Player on and when it is running, insert the USB flash storage device.
4. Press 'USB' on the remote control
5. A dialogue will now appear - follow the instructions to update the software of your DVD Player.
6. When player open tray, wait 2 or 3 second and remove stick from USB but DO NOT CLOSE TRAY.
Note: Please make sure you delete the upgrade file from the USB device before using it on the player again. This will prevent the player from performing the upgrade again.

Wait until player close tray and display new logo.
Enter "Setup" and from "Preference Page" perform a “Default reset”.
From "General Page" change font, color and position for subtitle (only for 3254K)

Knows bugs
For 3254K, on some custom DVD's, from time to time subtitles are "dirty".



UPDATE 3254KI_55
* Fix filebrowser position
* Add a version with yellow subtitle

UPDATE 3254KI_55 Version 2
* Add new option for text color, background color and outline color. (15x15x15 options)
* Add "Load matching subtitle, if not found, load all (max. 10). New menu have 3 option:
- Load ORG Then all
- Load all
- Load only matching subtitles
* Vertical position of subtitles with 16 steps.
* All "avi" menu are in "General Page" (font, color, vertical position and "Load ORG")

Also a BUG: Subtitles color are changing when exit setup while watch a movie



See more HERE

See more HERE

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JMNG Blog spunea...

I have a hts3365x/78 home theater/divx player and i've been making some changes to the oficial firmware(
I changed the font and colors easy, but I'd like to make the subtitles to auto-load.
I appreciate any help and tips to make it happen.
Thanks a lot

Advocatus Diaboli spunea...

First I wish say thanks for the amazing firmware! Second, my DVP3254 dvd player using the DVP3254KI_55.bin and after update with your firmware, the function karaoke don't work more! Searching on the web I found other users with the same problem. Do you have any solutions for this situation? Any update in mind for the future to solve this problem?

Best regards

Edson Oliveira / POA spunea...


First of all I want to thank you for the great job!! You are the guy!! Now I have a question: Are you working to solve the bug that you mentioned about the DVP3254KI (change of colors when you exit setup)?? Thanks again.

[ Gui | Rushe ] spunea...

First, thanks for the great work you're doing... Sadly, the links for the 6.2.1 version are not working anymore, could you upload it again? Also, your site on freehostia have only the 6.1 version... Thanks a lot! ;)