sâmbătă, 14 februarie 2009

Update 5990K_55(75)

Thanks to Tentakulokans , I make a new version:

* fix "remaining dots on directory line"
* max. 48 char from USB. w00t.gif
* Slideshow transition is set to fasted possible.
* Move jpeg preview in a lower position

with CD, DivX, Vista and Philips LOGO.



See all features HERE

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Menezes spunea...


I just got a 5990K/55, and installed this firmware. Thanks a lot for the new features!

I was a long time user of alternate firmwares for my previous player, a 5100K/55, and there is only one thing I miss: automatic subtitle loading. With the 5100 (jmaraujo firmware), they just worked. With the 5990, sometimes I have to choose the correct file, and sometimes the correct file is not loaded at all.

Thanks again for the grat work!

l t a spunea...

Hi, I'm from Brasil. Sorry, but the link to files are broken. Can you help us?